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I’ve done the research for you and summed up the keys in these 10 easy to digest steps below.

  1. Download the rider app.First one’s a goodie. The Lyft app for rider use shows where Lyft drivers are on the road. If you’re trying to figure out which hot spot in your town to drive in then the rider app is a great way to avoid a conglomerate of other drivers who will be eating up all your fare’s.
  2. Keep your appearance and your car neat and clean.Hopefully this one seems obvious but many Lyft drivers clean their cars once a month, if at all and show up in a Hoodie. Don’t be that guy! You don’t necessarily have to wear a three piece suit and a drivers cap but you can wear a polo, trim your beard and lint roll your car for a much better rating than the next guy with Birkenstock sandals.
  3.  Check local airport itinerary.
    This is a little involved but if you want to try to sit a queue and snag those airport goers then it pays to know if a fair amount of planes are landing in your airport and at what time. If three planes are de-boarding after 3PM then it’s good to hop into the queue beforehand and pick those fare’s up!
  4. Check Schedule Pickups frequently.When it comes to Lyft quantity becomes it’s own quality because of the bonus structure. But if you find yourself averaging fare’s of 4 to 8 dollars then picking up a few $20 fare’s from a scheduled pick up can be a great shot in the arm for hitting your goals.
  5. Use Waze instead of Google Maps.
    First off Waze allows you to quickly pick different suggested routes based on up to date traffic conditions.
    Second of all it allows you to see at a click of a button what your next turns will be. This will save you in a high traffic area with three or four right turn lanes. If you need to take one of those turns then immediately make a left afterwards then that information is paramount and Waze is happy to give it to you.
  6. Add hot pick-up site’s to your navigation favorites.
    It is very important to drive very efficiently and not muck about trying to guess your way out of a complicated neighborhood your last fare dropped off at. So keep your favorite pick up locations in your favorites so you can quickly get back into picking up the next fare.
  7. Use strategy to not wear yourself.
    A good one is to drive for two or three hours in the morning busy time and two or three hours in the evening busy time. This will allow you to maximize your hotspot driving while keeping yourself off the road for too long at one time. Plus you’ll have the majority of your day to spend handling your other obligations and living your life.
  8. Download and use MileIQ.Lyft does not take enough taxes out of your check each day to keep you from losing all your earnings at the end of the year so keeping track of your receipts and mileage will be a massive boon for you. I personally use MileIQ to track all my trips.
  9. Keep these items in your car.
    Lint roller
    Mini vacuum
    Auxiliary music chord
    Trash bags
    Flash light
    Phone holder
    Barf Bags
    Rubber gloves
    Terry cloth’sAll of these for too keep your car clean and fresh.
    And if someone does throw up in your car. Take good pictures to send to Lyft so they will reimburse your and get your car professionally cleaned after doing a light clean up yourself.
  10. Get a Pandora paid subscription.It allows you to play whatever music your passengers would prefer without being plagued by commercials.

If you follow these ten tips then you will be light years ahead of your competition who has not taken the time to learn some tools of success before driving with Lyft.

Life’s a wild ride.
But remember.
You’re the Driver!